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Bats in Colorado

Friday, October 4, 2013

There are at least eighteen bat species in Colorado, with another two suspected species that have not yet been discovered in the state. Bats are important insect eaters and help (along with our generally dry climate) to control mosquitoes and other pest insects.

Known Bats in Colorado

Most bat species in Colorado are part of the common bat family, Vespertilionidae. Sixteen of Colorado’s bat species belong to this family, whose members are generally insect eaters and cave dwellers.

The other two known bat species in Colorado come from the family of free-tailed bats, the Molossidae.

Suspected Bats in Colorado

There are two species of common bats that may be found in Colorado due to the proximity of their ranges to the state. First is the cave myotis, which has been found just 10 miles from the Colorado border in the Oklahoma Panhandle. It may live on Colorado’s Mesa de Maya.

The other species is Allen’s big-eared bat, which has been found in southeastern Utah, just 30 miles from the border. It lives in the piñon-juniper woodland that stretches across the border between the two states, so it’s probably just a matter of time before it is found in Colorado.

Why Bats Roost in Your Home

Most of the species of common bat that live in Colorado like to roost as individuals or in small groups. Their preferred roosting places are small crevices, overhangs, dark spaces secluded from light and sound, and preferably close to food supplies. Bats are just looking for shelter and the overhang of your house, shed, or barn provides it. With the draw that artificial light provides for insects, bats find themselves amply supplied, so they stick around. They probably won’t move on their own.

We can help you remove bats from their hiding places in your home and seal up the roosts so you don’t have a recurrence of the problem.

For help removing bats anywhere in the Denver metro area from Evergreen to Castle Rock, please contact Animal Pest Control Specialist today.

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