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Wasp Removal

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Signs You Have Wasps


  • Per structure
  • May have exposed hexagonal cells
  • Yellow jacket hive is half-football shapes


  • Some species are more than an inch long
  • Often striped
  • May aggressively fly around and land on your plate to feed
  • Less furry than bees

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If you think you have a wasp problem, please call or contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc, serving homes across the Front Range, including Denver, Evergreen, and Castle Rock.

Wasp Nuisance Concern:

  • They are aggressive and will sting unprovoked
  • Sting is painful and may be dangerous to people with allergies

Wasp Removal:

  • APCS will treat at the source

General Information about Wasps:

  • Queen produces eggs from spring to fall
  • They are omnivorous prey on insects, but will scavenge carcasses, eat fruit
  • They are active during the day
  • They will die off; however the queen and a few drones will come back and make a new hive

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