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Mice Removal

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Serving the Denver Metro Area from Castle Rock to Boulder​

Signs You Might Have Mice


  • Very small
  • Along the wall or in cupboards
  • Sometimes urine can be found


  • Gnaw through packages
  • Carry food to stash in nest


  • Gnaw on seemingly random objects
  • Gnaw to make entrances/exits to nest
  • Carry away soft material


  • Scratching and skittering is most often heard
  • Sometimes squeaking can be heard

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If you think you have a mouse problem, please call or contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc, serving homes across the Front Range, including Denver, Evergreen, and Castle Rock.

Mice Nuisance Concerns:

  • Can squeeze into 1/4 inch openings, giving many entry points
  • They love to nest in dresser drawers, closets, garages, kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, furniture, etc. They will gnaw on anything, including electrical wires, books and furniture.
  • Carry diseases such as salmonella

Mice Removal:

  • APCS will set up bait stations, using anything from blocks, pellets to seeds
  • Do not vacuum or sweep droppings—can spread bacteria
  • Cleanup is offered.

General Information about Mice:

  • Nocturnal
  • Usually will only travel no more than 30 feet away from their nest or food
  • Have 5-10 litters per year consisting of 5-6 babies per litter

Mice can contaminate food-preperation areas with their feces and can cause severe damage to structures.

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