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Rabbit Removal

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Signs You Have Rabbits


  • Five toes on the front, four on the back
  • Generally oval, with no visible pads
  • A bounding gate gives clumps of tracks


  • Spherical droppings
  • Brown or green in color
  • About a half inch in diameter


  • Feed only on plants
  • Tend to nibble on many plants, rather than eating a few entirely
  • Neatly clipped leaves and stems, at a 45 degree angle

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If you think you have a rabbit problem, please call or contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc, serving homes across the Front Range, including Denver, Evergreen, and Castle Rock.

Rabbits Nuisance Concern:

  • They feed on vegetation, usually any plant they can reach
  • Damage to lawn, gardens and shrubbery is the most common

Rabbit Removal:

  • There are chemical taste and odor repellents, but these only have limited amount of protection
  • Motion active spraying devices will work but are restricted to a certain time a year due to water restrictions
  • APCS recommends traps for population control

General Information about Rabbits:

  • 2-3 litters a year, each typically consisting of 5-6 babies
  • All hours of activity, but mainly activity is during the night
  • Their bodies measure from about 15 to 18 inches long
  • They weigh between two and three pounds

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