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Battling Bat Infestations in Denver

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Effective Strategies for Dealing with Bat Infestations in Denver Homes and Buildings


Bats, while playing a vital role in our ecosystem, can become a nuisance and health hazard when they infest homes and buildings in the Denver metro area. Understanding how to deal with these infestations responsibly and safely is crucial for homeowners and property managers.


Understanding Bat Behavior and Risks


Bats in Denver are often attracted to attics, barns, and other secluded areas of buildings for shelter and breeding. While they are beneficial for controlling insect populations, their presence in homes can pose health risks, including the potential for rabies and respiratory issues caused by bat droppings (guano). According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, bats are a protected species in the state, so their removal must be handled carefully and humanely.


Prevention: The First Line of Defense


Inspect and Seal Entry Points: Bats can enter through small openings. Inspect your property for any cracks or gaps and seal them. Pay special attention to areas around the roof, eaves, and vents.


Maintain Your Property: Regular maintenance, such as trimming tree branches away from the house and keeping attics well-maintained, can reduce the likelihood of bats choosing your property as their home.


Use Bat Houses: Installing bat houses on your property can provide bats with an alternative habitat, diverting them from your home.


Safe Removal of Bats


Avoid Direct Contact: Never handle bats directly, as they can carry diseases. Always wear protective gear if you must be near them.


Professional Bat Removal Services: Due to the protected status of bats and the potential health risks, it’s advisable to hire professional wildlife removal services. These experts can safely remove bats and guide on preventing future infestations.


Clean-Up and Sanitation: After removal, a thorough clean-up of areas contaminated by guano is essential. Professional services can perform safe and effective decontamination.


Legal and Ethical Considerations


In Denver and throughout Colorado, bats are protected, and certain species may be endangered. It’s illegal to kill or harm bats. Removal efforts should focus on humane exclusion techniques, which allow bats to leave but prevent them from re-entering. Awareness of local wildlife laws is essential when dealing with bat infestations.


Battling bat infestations in Denver requires a balanced approach that respects wildlife laws and focuses on humane removal and prevention. By understanding bat behavior and taking proactive steps to secure homes, residents can effectively manage bat infestations while contributing to the conservation of these important animals.

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