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Serving the Denver Metro Area from Castle Rock to Boulder​

Animal & Pest Control Specialist (APCS), Inc. is a family-owned company with more than 30 years’ experience in helping residents and businesses live peacefully with wildlife. We know this can be done humanely with long-term solutions that mean you won’t have the same problem next week, next month, maybe even next year.

APCS is a member of the Colorado Pest Control Association, the Colorado Pest Control Association, the National Pest Management Association, and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

We are licensed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We have the required state and federal permits need to handle most animal problems and know when certain pests require special permits to capture/relocate/exterminate. All of our animal traps are approved by the United States Humane Society and the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Often pest control means more than just removing the pest today, but preventing its return by fixing property issues at the house. Depending on the issue, we may fix it ourselves, give you advice on solving the problem, or recommend a specialist for the necessary repairs.

We are dedicated to excellent customer service and carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because of our long service record in the area and our excellent resolution of the tiny number of complaints filed against us (only 1 in the last three years!)

Want to learn more or get a quote for service in Denver, Evergreen, or Castle Rock, please call us during office hours or contact us today.

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We offer all the pest control services you need, including prevention, removal, and extermination.

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