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Pigeon Removal

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Serving the Denver Metro Area from Castle Rock to Boulder​

Signs You Have Pigeons


  • Pigeons are active during the day
  • Grey birds with pale rumps
  • About a foot long
  • Generally strut around like they own the place


  • Cooing
  • Thrumming

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If you think you have a pigeon problem, please call or contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc, serving homes across the Front Range, including Denver, Evergreen, and Castle Rock.

Pigeon Nuisance Concern:

  • Once they establish a residence they will never leave
  • They are a great noise disturbance
  • They leave unwanted droppings everywhere
  • They nest mainly on roof tops

Pigeon Removal:

  • APCS can trap and remove the pigeons
  • APCS can use several bird deterrent products
  • Cleanup and repairs are available

General Information about Pigeons:

  • They breed year round, each time consisting of 1-2 eggs
  • They feed on seeds, grains, fruit, green feed and insects
  • Are also known as “rock doves”
  • Originated in Asia

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