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Pest Removal

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A pest is like a weed, it’s an animal that has a place, just not in your home. And like a weed, if left unchecked, a pest will completely take over all available space. At Animal & Pest Control Specialist, we know how to handle a variety of pest species. We can remove them and take them to the place they belong. Like most Coloradans, we love animals, so we handle them humanely, but we act definitively to remove your pests and help you understand what’s necessary to keep them away.

We help homeowners across the Front Range, including Denver, Evergreen, and Castle Rock. Please call during our office hours or contact us here to explain your problem in detail.

Reasons to Remove Pests

The most important reason to remove pests is the safety of you and your family. A nuisance wildlife problem becomes much more than that if a member of your family contracts one of the numerous diseases and parasites carried by these pests, including rabies, salmonella, raccoon roundworm, fleas, ticks, mites, and others. Once wildlife is in your home, your risk of infection may go up considerably.

Pests should also be removed because of the potential for property damage. Once they move into your home, they begin to make it their home. The original entrance may be widened. They may begin to work on additional entrances or escape routes. Rodents such as mice will gnaw everything around them. Pests may stockpile food and will certainly leave feces and urine everywhere, which can stain and even damage your home.

And then there are the more annoying aspects of having pests: noise, damaged food, and startling confrontations at night.

Pests We Remove

At Animal & Pest Control Specialist we remove numerous types of pests found in suburban properties across the Front Range, including:

And many others found across the Front Range. If you want to know whether we handle your pest or not, please contact us today.

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