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Squirrel Removal

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Signs You Have a Squirrel Problem


  • Chitter and scurry
  • The most noise at dawn


  • About the size of rice, but dark brown or black
  • Littered around areas where they frequent
  • May also see vibrant, pungent urine


  • Four toes for the front feet, five for the back, about an inch wide
  • Lead from the house to a tree or light pole


  • Gnawing to create or enlarge entrances to nests
  • Stripped bark on trees


  • Food caches stashed in the area
  • Piles of nut shells or fruit husks where squirrels stop to eat

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If you think you have a squirrel problem, please call or contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc, serving homes across the Front Range, including Denver, Evergreen, and Castle Rock.

Squirrel Nuisance Concern:

  • They nest in trees, attics, or other warm places in a building
  • They like warm, safe places
  • Can enter attic through loose boards, vents, loose or broken tiles or eaves
  • They chew on wood and wiring in the attic

Squirrel Removal:

  • Trapping and removal is our only recommendation
  • APCS will inspect for all possible entries
  • APCS then sets 2-3 traps, set outside at the entry point
  • Once caught APCS can repair damage

Squirrel Prevention:

  • APCS also has prevention repairs available

General Information about Squirrels:

  • They feed on a variety of foods. Such as nuts, seeds, fungi and fruit
  • From nose to tail they average the length of 16-18 inches
  • They weigh approximately a pound
  • Two litters a year consisting of 1-5 babies
  • Birthing months are typically in the spring and fall
  • Activity is typically during the day
  • Live in families of 3 to 5

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