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Best Way to Rid Yourself of Mice

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mice are persistent pests. Once they get into your home, as they often do once the weather turns cold in October across the Front Range, they can breed prodigiously and lead to a major problem. They will browse from many food sources, damaging packaging, making a mess, and spoiling food.

However, if you are persistent, determined, and thorough, you can get rid of them, if you know the best way to get rid of mice, which is a three-step process.

Seal off Entries

The most important thing to do is to seal off the entrances that mice are using to get in your house. Check around the house at ground level, sealing all cracks and crevices. Don’t leave any openings just because you think it’s too small—mice can squeeze through a ¼ inch opening. This will limit the number of mice in your home.

Reduce Food

Repackage all food in your home in secure glass or metal containers. Mice can gnaw through anything else. Clean out all drawers and shelves to remove food left behind. Wipe all counters off thoroughly. Seal trash as well—it’s still food to them.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to starve out mice. They will eat many things you wouldn’t regard as food, and can find it in places you wouldn’t imagine. But limiting their food will reduce their ability to have litters, meaning fewer mice to get rid of.

Set Traps

There are many types of traps available, such as glue traps and live traps, but old fashioned snap traps work as well or better. Make sure you put the traps in places where they won’t be a danger to children or pets, and pick the best bait for your mouse traps.

Have you followed this strategy and still have mice? It’s likely the problem is in the trapping stage, which can be hard to get right. Our experience has taught us many little tricks for making sure mice get trapped.

For help getting rid of your mice in the Denver area, from Evergreen to Castle Rock, please contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist.

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