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Get Rid of Crickets in the House

Thursday, October 30, 2014

There are a number of cricket species in Colorado, but the types most commonly encountered around (and sometimes in) homes are the “singing” black crickets often referred to as field crickets.

While field crickets that wander into homes generally do not reproduce and are not considered pests, they can become an annoyance—especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Seasonal Cycles

Two species of field crickets, Gryllus veletis and Gryllus pennsylvanicus, are found in Colorado. According to the Colorado State University Extension, they are essentially identical except for their lifecycles; one is active in the spring through early summer while the other is active in the summer through early fall.

Cricket Song

Only male crickets produce the characteristic, chirping song. This is done not by rubbing their legs together, but by rubbing together oversized veins in their wings.

Crickets in the Home

Crickets that end up in a house either made their way in accidentally or snuck through a gap to seek warmer shelter. As CSU Extension notes, field crickets rarely mate indoors and usually pose little risk to your home or family aside from a temporary irritation.

Controlling Crickets

The trick in getting rid of crickets in the home is to find them; once inside, they typically seek dark, sheltered spaces. It pays to have good hearing. A sticky type of insect trap is often effective at trapping a cricket, and a dusting of boric acid in the right spot will also eliminate a stray cricket. If the cricket is in the open, a good, old-fashioned shoe strike also works.

Keep Crickets Out

The best offense against the occasional invading cricket is a good defense. Seal any cracks and gaps around your home, and mow down or trim potential nesting areas that immediately surround your house.

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