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Home Remedies for Gopher Problems

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There are home remedies available for practically any problem, but they are often not very effective. If you truly want to get rid of gophers, it’s best to talk to pest control professionals. However, if you want to try it on your own, you can try some of these methods.


Exclusion is the most effective type of gopher home remedy. However, it is time consuming and either challenging or expensive. To exclude gophers from your yard, put in underground barriers that go down straight for several inches and then curve it outward. Gophers will encounter this and stop digging.


Poison can also be effective method of gopher control, but there is also significant risk of poisoning family or pets. There are many different poisons available for use in controlling gopher problems. They include chemical poisons like strychnine and physical poisons like gum that clog up their intestines.

Flooding or Gassing

Flooding or gassing gopher burrows may be effective if you get lucky. Most often, though, the gophers are just elsewhere in their large, complex burrow system.

If you want effective gopher control, you want a professional. For a consultation, please contact Animal Pest Control Specialists, helping people with pest problems across the Front Range.

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