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Quiet the Crickets Chirping by Your Window

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It used to be that having a cricket chirping by your hearth was considered lucky. In the days when indoor entertainment was sparse—before TVs, radios, even affordable printed books—the cricket’s “song” may have been a welcome alternative to heavy silence or, worse, the sound of wolves prowling around outside your door.

These days, though, we have a lot of things to listen to, and when we want silence, we want actual silence, not the annoying sound of a cricket. If you are tired of the sound of crickets, they can be controlled. Here’s some advice on what doesn’t work and what does.

What Doesn’t Control Crickets

Hunting them down: If you’ve ever tried to hunt down the crickets making the song, you know how hard it can be. Not only do they get quiet whenever you get near, I swear they know how to throw their voice. I can’t imagine how the females manage to find the singing males—maybe you need ears on your knees to do it.

Eliminating food sources: Crickets will eat practically any organic matter, and they don’t need much. A little sawdust, some glue, or a crumb will suffice. They may even eat outside, then make their way indoors as an adult, and survive for weeks without anything to eat at all.

What Does Control Crickets

Eliminating water: Like all insects, crickets are basically a bag of fluid. Crickets aren’t good at keeping their water, so they need a good supply of it and will die within days if they don’t get it. Eliminate drips and damp areas in your home, and you will see a lot fewer crickets.

Seal entrances: Makes sure all the walls are sealed. Get rid of cracks, and make sure all your ground level windows are properly screened and caulked.

Chemical control: If you need to, there are many chemical controls that are very effective on crickets. Dusts, sprays, and baits are all effective at getting rid of noisy crickets. Our pest control services are highly effective.

If you need help getting rid of house crickets or field crickets anywhere from Evergreen to Castle Rock, including Boulder and Denver, please contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist today for an appointment.

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