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Problem with Mice?

If you have mice. APCS recommends treating until the activity has
decreased to a minimum.

Once activity is minimal APCS recommends sealing off any possible entry points.

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Make us your FIRST CHOICE not your LAST OPTION

Problem with Voles?

Voles reproduce quickly. The quickest way to get rid of them is by terminating them. However there are repellent options as well.

Do you think you might have voles?

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Make us your FIRST CHOICE not your LAST OPTION

Problem with Squirrels?

Trapping and removing squirrels is the only recommendation APCS has for squirrels.

Take care of your squirrel infestation before they chew through their way into your home.

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Lost cat or dog? You can contact your city or county animal control here.


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If you are being plagued by one or more nuisance animals, you want them gone. Removing these animals is the best course of action to protect your family and your property, and Animal Pest Control Specialist can do it for you. We work quickly, effectively, and humanely to remove your nuisance animals. We are your preferred Denver Pest Control company.

When you have one of these types of pests in your home, don’t call an urban pest company—nuisance wildlife is just a sidelight for them, and you don’t know how their technicians are trained in handling these animals. We have experience handling all types of nuisance wildlife. Call us during business hours at the numbers above or email us to explain your problem.

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Mice can contaminate food-preperation areas with their feces and can cause severe damage to structures.

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Here are the signs you should be looking for to identify new pest problems this season.

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We offer all the pest control services you need, including prevention, removal, and extermination.

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