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Have a Wasp Problem? Now’s the Time for Removal

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did you suddenly notice you have a wasp problem? Did your recent barbecue get disrupted? Do you see them every time you go outside now? Are they beginning to swarm kids with popsicles and ice cream? Don’t wait until someone gets stung—now is the time for wasp removal.

Wasps in Denver and other places along the Front Range typically overwinter as solitary fertile queens that emerge in spring to begin building their nests. These nests begin small, with just the queen, but over time they grow. Once the queen has a few workers, she dedicates herself to laying, and the nest can grow even faster. As the nest grows, foragers become more visible and sometimes more aggressive as they attempt to scavenge meat and sweets from people.

The nest hasn’t reached its maximum size. Typically, wasp nests will keep growing until late August or early September. By that time, the nests may contain up to 5000 individuals! Until that time, the numbers of wasps will continue to grow, and they may get more aggressive and dangerous.

Don’t let the wasps keep increasing the size of their colony under your eaves. For wasp removal in Denver, Parker, Castle Rock, Boulder, or Evergreen please contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist today.

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