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Got Mice? Here’s Why!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mice and rats may be popular pets, and some people even find them cute, cuddly and lovable, but when they are unwelcome guests in your home, there is absolutely nothing appealing about these animals. In fact, when these critters invade your home, they can wreak havoc that can cost hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, and they can be dangerous especially around children and pets (by carrying disease or biting). If you have a rodent infestation—whether it’s mice or rats—it’s important that you handle the problem as soon as you first notice the signs, and it’s crucial that you seek help from trained professionals to get rid of rodents. You can certainly try to get rid of a rodent infestation in your home, yourself, and but to rid your home of these pests forever, it’s best to call in the experts.

Many unsuspecting homeowners have no idea how rodents get into their home, so let’s find out here by looking at some of the most common ways these unwanted creatures make their way from their habitat to yours. If you have cracks or holes in the walls, floors or foundation of your home, mice will easily enter it, and they are able to come through holes that are much smaller than their own bodies. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t notice the tiny holes in the walls, floors and foundation that the mice find and only realize they have a mouse or rat problem after bigger signs of rodent infestation begin to appear. Regardless of the size of your rodent problem, the best way to eradicate these critters forever is to enlist the help of trained pest control specialists.

Other areas of entry to the home for mice and rats are spaces in your windows and ceilings (again, you won’t even be aware of these small spaces, usually). As you can see, rodents will find a way into your home no matter what, especially when the temperatures begin to drop in the fall. If drainage pipes aren’t sealed properly, rodents will enter homes through sink drains or bathtub/shower drains, and these incredibly determined pests will also find their way into your home through plumbing and gas lines.

One of the many things you should know about rodent infestations is that once these creatures find their way into your nice warm home, they don’t want to leave. What’s even worse is that due to the rapid and frequent nature in which rodents procreate, there can be as many as 200 new additions to a mouse “family” in just a few months. We know that the thought of this makes many of you very, very uneasy, but please know that help is only a phone call away.

You can take action to help prevent rodents from entering your home such as going through your home and sealing any and all cracks, holes and other openings you find. You should seal them with something that’s going to last like cement or metal. Another step you can take is to make sure all doors and windows close all the way and are secure at all times. If you like to keep windows open without screens, you have to know you’re running the risk of allowing these critters easy access to your home and your kitchen, your shower, and your bed.

In the kitchen and dining area, you must store foods in glass or metal containers with super tight lids, and be sure to properly dispose of all food as soon as you are finished with it. Trash left accessible to animals, and food left out on tables, porches, decks, and in yards is a big invitation for unwanted pests to get close to your home.

If you keep your cars stored during cold-weather months, or if you are a car collector and house many vehicles in garages, be sure to take precautions to keep mice and rats out of your storage spaces. If rodents make their way into a car’s engine, they can chew on the wires and cause extremely costly damage—even irreparable damage. Some car experts have offered up the suggestion of putting dryer sheets all over the car because rodents don’t like the scent of the dryer sheets. Be sure to do some research online before storing vehicles, or ask an experienced car collector for tips on how to keep the rodents away from your precious vehicles.

Keep checking back to our blog for more information about rodents and other creatures that may invade your home, and if you need a professional exterminator who can handle pest problems large and small, please contact us today.

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