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How to Get Rid of Roaches

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Once cockroaches have settled in your home, they can be difficult to eradicate without professional help. But there are some often-effective measures you can try before calling pest control experts.

Steps to Cockroach Control

According to the Colorado State University Extension, the key elements of cockroach management are: prevention, sanitation, detection and chemical control.

Roaches thrive in unsanitary conditions, so if you’re already past the prevention stage the next steps are to clean and to detect where the roaches are nesting. This process should include:

  • Sealing up cracks and tiny spaces, particularly around sinks, cabinets, closets and appliances like water heaters
  • Cleaning food storage and preparation areas, including around the stove
  • Moving all open food to sealable containers
  • Ensuring trash containers are sealed and that garbage is disposed regularly
  • Fixing any leaky water pipes and removing access to standing water

Roaches tend to congregate in small, dark spaces, preferably ones that are warm and humid. Areas under and around sinks in kitchens and bathrooms often make good homes for roaches because they can provide both shelter and water.

After you determine where the roaches or dwelling, or at least identify likely locations, you can try chemical control. Cockroach insecticides are available in a number of formats, from baits to powders to sprays. Roach spry insecticides come in two forms: residual, which leaves a surface coating that kills roaches for an extended period, and nonresidual, which kills on contact.

Preventing Roach Reinfestation

When it comes to cockroaches, prevention is the best remedy. To keep roaches from entering—or re-entering—your home, WikiHow offers the following roach prevention tips:

  • Move wood piles, lawn clippings and other debris away from your house
  • Inspect the exterior of your home for openings and seal any cracks or gaps
  • Make sure any exterior trash storage containers are sealed and placed away from your house
  • Maintain clean food storage and preparation areas

If you’re facing a severe infestation or are unable to eliminate roaches using traditional methods and retail products, it’s advisable to get in touch with a pest control expert.

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