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Control the Bats on Your Property

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Bats are useful and unique animals. They eat insects, which is especially valuable in areas with large mosquito populations, and as the only truly flying mammal, they are fascinating. However, they can also be annoying and dangerous.

Bat squeaking and the sound of their movements can be annoying and disconcerting in your home. Bat guano can contain diseases, and bats themselves are known carriers of rabies. In fact, most rabies deaths in the US are associated with bats. So, even if you want bats in the area, you may not want them in your home. Pest control can eliminate the danger and nuisance of bats.

Bat Pest Control

First, you need to identify that you have bats. See our bat pest information for the signs to look out for.

Next, know that it’s generally against the law to kill bats. Because they are endangered and useful animals, we have to remove them without harming them.

We install one-way bat doors over the entrances to their roost. This allows bats to get out, but not in. After a week, we remove the doors and seal up the entrances. If you want long-term control, we recommend that you look around for other potential entry points and seal them up.

If you want to, when we put up the bat doors you can also put up bat houses in more convenient locations that allow bats to roost in places other than your attic.

If you have problems with bats or other animal pests in your home, we can help. Please contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist today for help with bats in Denver, Boulder, Evergreen, Castle Rock, and surrounding areas.

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