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Best Type Mouse Trap to Use

Friday, February 21, 2014

Having mice in your house can lead to property damage, food spoilage, potential spread of contagious disease, and other problems. Many homeowners turn to mouse traps to take care of their mouse problem. There are many types of mouse traps that you can use, but which is best for you depends on your situation and your preferences.

Simple Bar Spring Trap

This is the type of mouse trap that most of us are familiar with. They have a trigger where bait is placed. When the mouse disturbs the bait, the bar is driven over to catch the mouse, typically killing it by breaking its spine.

These are economical, generally effective, and easy to use. For most people, these are the best type of trap.

They do have the disadvantage that they can be messy and somewhat dangerous. When the spring snaps, the mouse may be caught in such a way that it’s cut, sometimes even cut in half. The mouse trap design doesn’t have enough spring power to seriously injure an adult, but children and pets may be hurt by them.

Electric Mouse Trap

This mouse trap uses electricity to shock the mouse to death when it touches both electrodes on the floor of the trap. These traps can kill a mouse in seconds, and have the advantage that the mouse is out of sight. You can just pour the mouse out of the trap without looking at it.

Many people have great results with these traps, but they don’t work for some people. They’re also a little more expensive than snap-type traps.

Glue Traps

Glue traps can work, but their performance is spottier than other types. If the glue is strong enough to keep your mice in place, then the mouse will die a slow death of dehydration, meanwhile warning other mice to stay away. Or you might find the mouse before it dies, and then what do you want to do? Kill it by hand? Try to get it off the trap and let it go?

If You’re Having Trouble

Sometimes people have trouble employing a mousetrap solution to eliminate their mouse problem. We can help you understand where to place traps, what baits to use, and how to shift traps to keep making catches.

For help controlling your mouse problem in Denver, Fort Collins, or Castle Rock, please contact Animal and Pest Control Specialist today.

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