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Pest Control Boulder

Pest Control Boulder

Boulder, Colorado is an amazing city in which to live. Home to over 100,000 people, Boulder is the perfect blend of city and small town vibe. With a beautiful college campus, great hikes, scenic views, and world-class bars and restaurants, there are few places in the United States that can match it.

However, the wildlife sometimes gets in the way of people enjoying their homes. Whether it’s mice, raccoons, gophers, or anything else, the wildlife and pests in Boulder, Colorado cause problems for homeowners. Although they may seem fairly harmless at first, there are many hidden side effects to these pests. Hiring the right Boulder, CO pest control company can make all the difference in a successful removal.

For one, they need to be removed for the safety of you and your family. Many pests carry diseases like rabies, salmonella, fleas, ticks, mites, and more. As soon as wildlife enters your home, your risk of infection increases dramatically.

In addition, they destroy your property over time. They may chew on things around your property, dig holes, leave their urine and feces, and create annoying sounds throughout the day and night. In short, they cause headaches for you both logistically and financially.

Despite being nuisances for your home and property, they are still living creatures at the end of the day. Like so many other residents of Colorado, we appreciate the biological diversity of Boulder. That’s why we take a humane approach to pest removal. When we come to your home to remove your pest problem.

We take care of wildlife and pests of a wide variety. Just some of what we have dealt with in the past includes mice, voles, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, rats, rabbits, snakes, gophers, woodpeckers, prairie dogs, honey bees, wasps, pigeons, and more.

If you are experiencing any type of pest problems in your home, it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible to keep the problem from spreading. We will come out to your home immediately to assess the problem and start forming a plan for how to get rid of it. We specialize in Boulder, CO pest control and look forward to hearing from you.

Boulder, CO Pest Control Reviews

I had the unfortunate experience of having bats (in my attic) and the challenges that come with them. Don and Ben were very thorough in explaining the process and also quoting me the best price. They than proceeded to do first class work in a timely manner, from sealing my house to guano removal. I would highly recommend them to anyone and really appreciated their hard work.

James Rose



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