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Do Sticky Traps Work on Cockroaches?

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Yes and no. Sticky traps can catch most cockroach pest species, especially those common in Colorado, mostly the small but robust German cockroach (about an inch in length, identifiable by the two “racing stripes” on its carapace just behind the head). Here are some tips for effectively using sticky traps.

Effective Sticky Trap Placement

Sticky traps have to be placed where cockroaches are likely to run. If you unfortunately already have a bad infestation, you can tell where they run by the trails of cockroach feces, which look like small black dots that run along the wall or floor between food sources and harborages. If you can’t find trails, place them along the wall or floor in warm areas (behind the stove and fridge are popular), and places where there is water. Cockroaches need water more than food, so target pet water bowls, leaky faucets, and the water tray under the refrigerator.

To Bait or Not to Bait?

When it comes to sticky traps, it’s really not necessary to bait them if you place them effectively. Cockroaches will naturally walk across the traps and become stuck. Some traps advertise that they are pre-baited to lure cockroaches in, but if they’re not placed along regular cockroach runs, they’re not going to attract many cockroaches.

To Monitor, Not Control

Although sticky traps can effectively catch cockroaches, they are not really an effective control method. Cockroaches breed prodigiously, and the odds of catching all the cockroaches in your house are very small. If even a few cockroaches escape, they will quickly breed up to their old numbers.

What sticky traps are good for is to help you know whether you have an infestation. They can be used either before contacting pest control to identify the problem, or after to tell whether the professional has been effective in controlling your problem.

If you have cockroaches, the best way to get rid of them is to contact a pest control professional. At Animal & Pest Control Specialist, we have experience with helping rid homes of cockroaches and other pests. Please contact us today for help in the Denver metro area, including Boulder, Evergreen, and Castle Rock.

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