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Don’t Let Moths Ruin Your Wardrobe

Friday, February 22, 2013


Ahh . . . there’s nothing like natural wool clothing for keeping warm in the winter. Unfortunately, wool is the material that most attracts moths. While you’re wearing them, they’re not in danger, but when it comes time to put them away for the spring and summer, there are several things you should do to protect your wool clothes from damage so you won’t have to call pest control next winter when you pull them out.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an essential step in preventing damage from moths. There are many places where moths can find stores of food that serve as a stepping-stone for their move into your closet, such as behind baseboards, under heavy furniture, or around heating vents, wherever they can find animal material to feed on. Use a vacuum to suck up all the debris in these areas, then dispose of the bag right away—you may have collected a bunch of eggs, too, and these may hatch and aid the spread of moths.

Clean Clothes, Too

It’s crucial that you give your woolens a thorough cleaning before putting them into storage. Many recommend dry cleaning to make sure all the moth eggs are dead. Others assert that a thorough washing followed by drying in bright sunlight is also good.

Storage Tips

There are many potential ways to store your clothes to keep moths away. The traditional moth balls can still be used, but remember that they are toxic, must be kept away from children and pets, and will leave an odor on your clothes. Natural repellants like lavender and cedar are promoted for controlling moths, but there is little effectiveness data and reviews are mixed. You can experiment if you like.

Probably the best way to keep moths off your clothes is to store them in sealed airtight containers. This will protect them against the moth larvae.

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