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Eliminating Earwigs from Your Home and Garden

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Earwigs look remarkably like cockroaches—the same flat body plan, the same color, and similar head shape—and for many people, they’re almost as bad when they’re indoors. And they can be damaging in the garden when they eat the shoots and buds of your crops. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple ways to dramatically reduce or even eliminate them from your garden.

Earwigs like damp, close places to spend their days, so you can often catch many of them with a damp rolled up paper towel or box that will draw them in. You can then just pick up the box and throw the creatures out.

Diatomaceous earth can also be used as an effective earwig barrier in the garden.

Sealing up cracks and making sure all windows have screens can keep earwigs out.

You can also use the paper towel trick indoors. Boric acid also works well to control earwigs indoors. And narrow pans with vegetable oil create effective traps for earwigs.

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