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How To Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Chimney

Monday, November 12, 2012

The first question you should ask is, “Are they really squirrels?” If they are squirrels, you might attempt to remove them yourself. If they are trapped and cannot get out of the chimney, you can let them out by lowering down a rope or a bunch of old clothes or towels tied together so that the squirrel can climb out. When the squirrel is out, put a cap on the chimney.

If you have a squirrel in the fireplace, you can get it to run out on its own by closing all doors to the rest of the house, darkening all windows, and making the only light that which comes from the open door you want the squirrel to use to exit. Then open the screen or door to the fireplace. In the darkness, the squirrel will see the light as the way to escape and run for it.

However, you may not always want to remove squirrels yourself. If you have brickwork that a squirrel can use to climb in and out of the chimney, it may have been living there for some time. It may have a mate and babies. They may also have left a great deal of waste behind. You want to make sure that everything is removed before you resume using your fireplace.

A professional can remove squirrels, make sure more will not get in, and make sure your fireplace is ready for use.

For professional help with a squirrel or other animal pest in Denver, Evergreen, Boulder, Castle Rock, or Parker, please contact Animal & Pest Control Specialists.

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