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Keep Your Home and Belongings Safe from Carpet Beetles

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
carpet beetle


Carpet beetles are a nuisance because they consume anything of natural animal origin they can find. Pest control is rarely necessary to keep these insects in check.

Carpet beetles get their name because they used to be commonly found in carpets made of wool, though nowadays they are more often found in clothes or food. They often enter the home and begin feeding on either lint or, ironically, dead insects. The adults will then lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, the larvae begin looking for additional food sources.

Identifying Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are small oval beetles about ⅛ inch long. In Colorado, the most common types of carpet beetles are black, but they can also be many different colors, including striped and mottled.

Protecting Your Home from Carpet Beetles

The best way to protect your home is to control the numbers of carpet beetles by reducing their access to food. You should clean up spilled food, regularly get rid of lint, including dust bunnies that may contain significant amounts of animal fur, and storing vulnerable items in insect-proof containers.

  • Put individual plastic bags over clothes in closets or store all clothes together in a zippered container
  • When storing clothes, put them in plastic, insect-proof containers
  • If storing clothes in boxes, tightly tape all seams

However, if you experience a significant infestation, you should talk to professional pest control to prevent them from causing extensive damage.

For help with carpet beetles and other domestic pests at any time of the year, please contact Animal Pest Control Specialist today.


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