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Keeping Ants Out of the House

Saturday, August 2, 2014

In Colorado, most ants that make it into homes are wingless workers that are searching for food or water. However, some types of ants found along the Front Range and throughout the state can become problematic pests if they begin to nest in your home.

Colorado Ants

Thanks to its geographical location, Colorado is home to a spectrum of ant species. “The ant fauna of Colorado is highly diverse,” according to AntWeb, “in large part because the state is a crossroads where the ant faunas of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, and desert southwest meet and blend.”

The majority of ant species prefers to reside underground and outdoors, although some make their homes near structures and paved drives. In the greater Denver area and across Colorado, the two types of ants that may establish themselves in homes and other structures are carpenter ants and pavement ants; if not managed, these ants can generate a sizable population that has the potential to cause structural damage.

Preventing Ant Infestation

While most ants that enter houses are seeking only food or water, and not to establish a colony, they can still be a nuisance. In its Ants in the Home fact sheet, the Colorado State University Extension provides the following tips for preventing ants from making your house their home:

  • Remove and/or seal accessible sources of food and water
  • Maintain clean food storage and food preparation areas
  • Keep your trash sealed and remove it regularly
  • Sanitize any known areas traveled by ants to eliminate the odor trails they use to establish food and water locations
  • Eliminate cracks and crevices where ants may enter your home
  • Remove piles of mulch, leaves or other ground coverings near the house that can shelter ants and increase the likelihood that they will enter the home to forage

Insecticides can be useful for keeping ants out of your house or controlling small numbers of ants that have found their way indoors. It’s important to read pesticide labels thoroughly and follow instructions; some are intended as barriers and others are designed to kill on contact. Many of these products are toxic and pose a threat to people and pets if not used as recommended.

If your home has been invaded by ants or other pests you’re unable to eliminate, please contact Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc. online or call us at 303-987-0842. We serve customers from the greater Denver area and along the Front Range, from Castle Rock to Fort Collins.


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