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Keeping Critters Away From Your Patio

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Are you tired of always stepping onto your patio only to find it’s already occupied by some vagrant critter. The awkward moment of mutual startling, staring and gauging one another’s reactions until one or both of you retreat.

And worse is the damage these creatures leave behind. Torn upholstery, feces, stashed food, and sometimes young can all be hard to deal with.

To prevent these awkward  scenes and unwanted burdens, you need to keep these creatures off your porch, and here are some tips how.

Effective barriers can be hard: For most suburban pests, it can be hard to create an effective barrier. Mice can fit through the tiniest of openings, rats can gnaw through practically anything, and squirrels and raccoons are excellent climbers.

Repellents rarely work: Chemical repellents, noise repellents, and even motion-sensing squirters do little to deter creatures from entering your garden and your porch.

Remove what they’re after: Animals are coming to your porch for a reason. Find out what that reason is and eliminate it or remove it. Once this is done, you’ll notice a dramatic decline in the presence of animals on your porch. If you can’t remove their goal, set up an alternative that will draw them away.

If this fails, your persistent critter may only be stopped by relocation. To talk to a pest control expert about relocating a pest in the Denver area from Castle Rock to Boulder, please contact Animal Pest Control Specialists today.

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