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Lakewood, CO Pest Control

Lakewood, CO Pest Control

As Colorado becomes a more and more popular destination for people from all over the United States, the suburbs around Denver continue to grow in popularity. One of the suburbs that has received the most attention is Lakewood, Colorado. Its close proximity to Denver, its beautiful homes, and its wide range of things to do has made Lakewood one of the premier suburbs in the entire state of Colorado.

However, much like any other area in a state with as much wildlife as Colorado, residents of Lakewood frequently run into the problem of pests in their homes. These pests include mice, voles, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, rats, rabbits, snakes, gophers, woodpeckers, prairie dogs, honey bees, wasps, pigeons, and more.

While they may seem fairly harmless at first, these types of pests can cause significant damage to both your home and your wallet. They dig holes in your yard, carry contagious diseases, leave waste around your home, and cause many other problems that you don’t want or need in your beautiful home. It is a massive headache for you, and it certainly isn’t an ideal environment for the animal either. Hiring the right Lakewood, CO pest control company makes all the difference in a successful removal.

This all-too-common problem is the reason that we started Animal and Pest Control Specialist over 30 years ago. Over the years, we have created a systematic approach to pest control that efficiently removes pests from your home in a humane way. To preserve the integrity of the Colorado ecosystem, we only use traps that have been approved by both the United States Humane Society and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. When appropriate, we remove the pests from your home and return them to an environment in which they can thrive without destroying your property.

This approach has served us and our clients well over the years, and we would love to help you with your problem. It’s important to notify us as soon as you notice the problem so that we can immediately diagnose and treat the issue before it spreads and becomes an even bigger problem.

Lakewood, CO Pest Control Review

I’ve used APCS before and they’ve helped me greatly in removing a total of 6 raccoons in the past . The service is effective and trustworthy. On a recent service, I had questions regarding billing and a policy change on trap monitoring. The owner contacted me personally, explain the situation and remedied my concerns.

Martin Kalevik

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