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Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If you travel frequently, you probably know that bed bugs are an absolute nightmare—you may come across them in hotel rooms, and you may have even brought them home with you unwittingly. If you have experienced bed bugs, you know full well how difficult it is to get rid of these nasty bedfellows on your own. But have no fear! The pest control experts at Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc. know all about pest control in Castle Rock and surrounding areas, and we have many years of experience getting rid of bed bugs. Call us as soon as you discover these stubborn little guys have made their way into your home, and we’ll get rid of them as quickly as we can. Let’s look at some ways you can prevent bed bugs from joining you on your travels.

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

When traveling, inspect your hotel room before unpacking or even sitting down. Use a flashlight for optimal visibility and include the closets and drawers while you inspect. Carefully look through the sheets and under the mattress. Take the pillows out of their cases and make sure there are no bed bugs anywhere in the bedding. Even search under the bed, and never store anything under a hotel bed. In fact, if you’re only staying one or two nights, leave as much of your clothing and personal items in your luggage as possible.

Even after performing a thorough search of your room and finding no signs of these nasty little guys, they may be there. The first and biggest warning signs that you have experienced bed bugs are the bites, which look like mosquito bites but usually come in clusters of at least three. Bed bug bites tend to affect exposed areas while you sleep like your arms, neck, face, and shoulders, and they tend to come in rows along the line of the comforter or sheet. If you wake up with bed bug bites, notify the hotel staff immediately.

If you discover bed bugs upon returning home, you will want to eradicate them yourself—probably as soon as physically possible. However, while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers some basic do-it-yourself tips for controlling bed bug, it notes that it’s wise to contact a pest-control professional who understands how to detect the extent of a bed bug infestation, destroy the whole bug population, and prevent a re-infestation of these nasty little buggers.

Please contact APCS today if you think you may have a bed bug infestation in your home. We know how to get rid of just about any creepy crawly you can name, and we perform pest control in Castle Rock and surrounding areas at an affordable rate.

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