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What’s Eating Your Garden?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When you planted your garden, you started looking forward to all the peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash you were going to harvest. Now, though, it seems like your garden is under siege. Something is eating everything in sight and if you don’t do something you won’t have anything to show for your efforts.

Don’t worry, though, we can take care of the animals eating your garden up. Most pests that eat plants in the Denver area and across the Front Range have characteristic patterns that can be used to identify them.

Plants cut off at the roots may be a sign of voles. Look for their burrows in your yard, with entrances about 1-1½ inches in diameter. Gophers may also clip off plants at the roots, but they may also pull plants down. Gopher burrows are larger than that of voles and have a characteristic “C” shape.

Skunks may dig in the garden and may eat fruit and foliage. You will likely notice the smell after a skunk visits your yard.

Rabbits will likely feed only on the foliage of plants. They move nervously through the garden, more likely to damage many plants than destroying a few completely. Look for neatly clipped leaves and stems.

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